Twyla Gettert is a graduate of the University of Iowa and now resides in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She is the recipient of numerous awards for her paintings including a grant from the E.D. Foundation, NY. Twyla has been a full-time artist for eighteen years, but began painting at the age of seven.
Her work has been shown in museum exhibitions and also in a network of galleries throughout the U.S. In 2002, and again in 2003, her art was selected for shows with the Osaka, Japan Museum of Fine Art. Sumi-E artists selected for the group show were from the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan. Only 30 artists represented the U.S.

She began her career painting in portrait and figurative art, but now works primarily in non-objective abstract and semi-abstract form.

She creates in several mediums including oil, acrylic, Chinese watercolor, monotype, sculptural canvas, collage, and photography.

Some of Twyla’s major works are large-scale paintings on canvas and has included pieces up to fifteen feet in length.
Her paintings are collected by both private and corporate art enthusiasts and have been purchased by over 60 corporations including MCI-World Com, Marriot Corporation, and Bank of America. Her work has been
featured in Florida Architecture Magazine.

Twyla loves to experiment with spontaneous brush stroke, line and color, and is inspired by the
Abstract-expressionist artists.
(608) 209-0045